European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Green Line Project Forum, November 19th 2020

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The first Green Line Project (GLP) forum took place online on November 19th 2020. A joint event that allowed the students to share the first advances of their GLP work. Each group presented its topic and objectives through a 10’ min talk, followed by 12’ min exchange with the supervisors of the different groups, which stimulated fruitful cross-cutting discussions.

The students showed outstanding skills in presenting a topic with clarity and respecting the time given for the presentation. They also demonstrated their capacity to address complex multicriteria problematics. This mid-term semester review was very useful to guide the students in refining their overall strategy, making choices and focusing on specific scientific questions. They now have to prepare their 1st semester report expected by 15th January, including a presentation of the state of the art, the objectives, an overall strategy as well as a detailed plan for the second Semester stage.

List of topics :
-  Eco-friendly solutions for plant health based on phenolic extracts
-  Combined plant selection and pre-treatment to optimise lignocellulose valorisation
-  Production of active ingredients for kerosene by lignin conversion
-  Production of bio-based polyesters from agricultural by-products
-  Chemical valorisation of cellulose in ionic liquid environment
-  Integrative process for the microbial production and extraction of molecules of interest
-  Combined metabolic and process engineering to convert a by-product into a value-added chemical
-  Nanocellulose production, properties and market opportunities

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