European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

3rd edition of the Bioceb Summer school in Estonia, June 26th – June 30th 2023

The third edition of the Bioceb Summer school took place in Estonia from June 26th to June 30th.

Organised by Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in collaboration with the Bioceb Consortium, the Summer school gathered the 23 students of the 3rd intake, together with teachers and staff from TalTech, AgroParisTech, and URCA. Rafal Lukasik, invited scholar from National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG) in Portugal, and Tommaso Tagliani, alumnus from the 1st intake were also joining the Summer School.


During these five days, the participants enjoyed various activities, among which lectures, site visits, cultural events and a session (poster and presentation) dedicated to the Green Line Projects.

The Bioceb summer school is a key event in the programme since it allows the students to meet again after their second semester spent at two different locations, and before leaving for summer break or optional internship.

The students had the opportunity to visit various labs and experimental facilities in TalTech, such as the Laboratory of Wood Technology and the Center of Food and Fermentation Technology (TFTAK), which is a Bioceb associated partner.

Center of Food and Fermentation Technology (TFTAK)
Laboratory of Wood Technology TalTech

A 2-day trip was organised in Haapsalu, with visits of four companies settled nearby:

  • Chemi-Pharm, which develops, produces and sells allergen-free disinfection agents, cleansing and skincare products and detergents;
  • Cipax, specialist in plastic rotational moulding;
  • Lumi, a spin-off company from the University of Tartu which develops, produces and sells skincare products;
  • Eesti Seenefarm, an Estonian mushroom farm.

Several lecturers, invited professors and associated partners from different countries intervened during the Summer school to share their experience and visions with the students and inspire them for their future career. Particular focus was put on entrepreneurship and innovation. They warmly invited the students to apply for internships or possible future Ph.D. thesis in their respective institutions. Moreover, several alumni from the first intake delivered inspiring and insightful lessons of life, in-person and online.

Prof. Callum Hill
Rafal Lukasik, Ph.D.

Social events were not forgotten during this week. On Monday, the participants visited the old town of Tallinn through a “Ghost tour”! Then, they took part in a hike and dinner in the forest organised by Roslep Brewery in Noarootsi. The students also organised a friendly gala which included some artistic performances from the students themselves, such as dance and music.

Roslep Brewery in Noarootsi
Gala in TalTech

Friday afternoon was dedicated to the Green Line Projects presentations and poster session. Each group prepared with high professionalism a flash talk and a poster summarizing the major advances brought during the finishing academic year and the perspectives for the semester to come. Then, each group made a 10-minute presentation of their project.

2 prizes were awarded:

  • The prize for the best poster and flash presentation was awarded to GLP Group 2: 3D printing of starch, PLA and Lignin (Jose BOLANOS ZEAS, Gabriel DAUCHOT, Pedro NAVARRO PLAZA, Shery Rose QUIENG, Sudip SHARMA).
GLP Group 2
  • The prize for the best presentation was awarded to GLP Group 1.2: Biobased building blocks from yeast and microalgae (Emiliano BARBERO, Adiel FLORES NESTOR, Rastislav JONIS, Khizar NAEEM).
GLP Group 1.2

A warm thank-you to all the participants and organisers of the Summer school and to TalTech, especially Kärt Kängsepp, Jaan Kers and Yevgen Karpichev for the amazing organization.

Find the detailed programme of the 2023 Summer school:

Summer school 2023 programme

More pictures of the Summer School on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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