European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Adrien Jahier, freelance consultant, trainer, and lecturer

Adrien Jahier is a freelance consultant, trainer, and lecturer in ecological redirection and communication. He holds a Ph.D. from the Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. He also works as a lecturer (Polytech Mons) and guest professor (IHECS) in Belgium.
Adrien Jahier gave a lecture on “How to Detect Green & Carbon Neutrality Washing”.

Greenwashing is an often-used but not clearly defined term. The goal of Adrien Jahier’s first part of the lecture was to define exactly what greenwashing is. More exactly, he has relied on eight categories of greenwashing and provided examples for each of them. The students were given the floor to discuss each of the advertising materials shown and to understand what was wrong with reality.

The second part of the lecture was dedicated to carbon neutrality washing. More and more organizations including companies are claiming to be carbon neutral in their fight against climate change. Adrien Jahier has given several tools to critically analyze these claims and thus detect cases of carbon neutrality washing.

Testimony from Adrien Jahier:
"Bioceb students will tackle the challenges related to the deployment of the bioeconomy across the world and greenwashing is one of them. For example, presenting bio-based products with and without physical bio-based content simultaneously represents a potential risk of greenwashing. I was very glad to present to students different tools to detect this communication and marketing practice. Their feedback was very interesting and we have had a great discussion about how to regulate it".
Student testimony: “It was great to attend that presentation, you have provided us with some interesting examples and concepts behind greenwash. Additionally, you have shared some important experiences from your professional life as working with consultations in this sector, as well as the impact you are making through it.”

- Updated March 2022 -