European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Alex Giurca, Heidelberg Center for the Environment, Germany

"Introduction to Sustainable Forest-Bioeconomy" by Dr. Alex Giurca, Heidelberg Center for the Environment, Germany

The lecture "Introduction to Sustainable Forest-Bioeconomy" touched upon a series of important concepts such as forests, forestry and forest governance. It introduced the students to the complex world of forestry, and critically discussed the opportunities and challenges the European and international forest-based sectors face when transitioning to a circular-bioeconomy. We then looked at different wood-based innovations and innovation systems, as well as discussed the importance of policy discourses, actor networks, research and innovation.

Testimony from Dr. Alex Giurca
"It was a pleasure to interact with such engaged and active students, who have proven that they can easily go beyond their academic disciplines and engage in interdisciplinary debates around forests, sustainability, and innovations. It is this kind of interdisciplinary, critical thinkers that the bioeconomy needs."

- Updated March 2022 -