European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Amélie Drouault, Business Development Director in Arbiom

Amélie Drouault is Business Development Director in Arbiom. Ms Drouault owns a Double Engineer degree from Chimie ParisTech & AgroParisTech, obtained in 2013.

Ms. Drouault provided a lecture entitled “Business development in a start-up Environment” on March 21st 2022 to the Bioceb students from intake 2 at AgroParisTech.

The purpose of the presentation was to:
  Share an example of what a career in Business could look like.
  Present the activities of her company, producing a protein-rich ingredient by fermentation for the feed and food market
  Illustrate what business development in a start-up environment looks like with the example of the activities of her department

On the last topic of the talk, the presentation included the different necessary steps to go from a proof of concept to the 1st sales of a product/innovation.

It showed the activities to consider in order to ensure a technical and commercial validation.

On the technical side, the presentation included the different steps of process validation (including scale-up activities and metrics), and product validation (including various analysis and in vitro/in vivo trials).

On the business side, the commercial validation encompasses the different steps to define and implement a go to market strategy: market analysis, competitor analysis, market segmentation, sales process, customer interactions and deal making, customer relationship management

Testimony from Ms. Drouault
Thank you for inviting me. It was a great pleasure to share more insights on how Arbiom has bridged the gap between our proof of concept and commercialisation, and to meet the bioceb students.

- Updated May 2022 -