European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Catherine Gomy, Consultant Professor of Environmental Sciences, AgroParisTech - University of Paris-Saclay

Training and advice in transition strategies, Sustainable food systems and circular economy

Catherine Gomy has 2 key activities:
 construction, sharing and transmission of knowledge and skills: teaching and training, audits of training organizations, mentoring, research-action projects, etc.
 engineering of transition projects.

Catherine Gomy provided teaching and tutoring activities to the Bioceb students (intake 2, tracks 4 and 5) dedicated to the management of circular economy projects (on 21/2, 24/2, 4/3 and 11/3) with:

 theoretical contributions on the management of circular economy projects;
 a step by step implementation for the following case: the implementation of a pasta factory in the Pithiviers region with a circular economy approach.

These activities have been integrated in a global approach on the metabolism of Pithiviers area, with inclusion of a pasta plant and sheep production.

The students discovered during the teaching and tutoring activities the Pithiviers area on the occasion of a study trip. They thereby had the opportunity to exchange with different stakeholders and collect additional informations which where very useful for the teaching activities.

For the students, it was the first initiation on strategic and management tools and also circular economy concepts applied to agriculture and food.

It was the opportunity :
 to apply the LCA tools to a food product and exploit the results to develop different ecodesign scenarios.
 to be more familiar with different management tools (SWOT, business model, process map and action plan) and also environmental and social communication (like extrafinancial reports, green labels and footprints)

They also had to write together a general report (2 groups of students) and alone a report with individual analysis and added value.

- Updated May 2022 -