European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Employability & career prospects

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Bioceb allows students to personalise their profile and access professions focused on the production of plants and micro-organisms, on the design and development of products or processes combining chemistry and bioconversions, or on the setting up new sustainable value chains. All students are trained in the principles of green chemistry.
In addition, this training also focuses on the personal development of students through the strengthening of "soft skills" such as project management, interculturality, creativity, etc...

The opportunities resulting from this training are numerous, both in the academic and industrial world, these skills meeting a real need of the sector. The transition to the professional world is ensured by a close collaboration with 21 international associated partners from industry, research and academia.

Internship for the preparation of the Master’s thesis enables the students to develop their functional skills in laboratory training. For example, working on the design of lab scale bioreactor and studying the different aspects of the biotechnology processes gives practical knowledge that can be used in a future job to scale up to the pilot plant in cooperation projects with industry.

Thanks to their international experience and network, the Bioceb graduates will be ensured career opportunities all over the world, in research and higher education organisations, as well as in private companies, such as:

  • PhD student;
  • Research scientist in chemical and biological engineering;
  • Bioprocess, biomaterial, biocatalyst engineer;
  • Research and innovation project manager;
  • Business developer for bio-based industries;
  • Start-up manager.

- Updated September 2023 -