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François Pick, theatre teacher

François Pick is a French actor, theatre teacher and stage director. For many years, he has been organising and moderating workshops and formations in various structures such as schools and cultural centers for young people and professionals alike. As a training consultant since 1988, he also organises training workshops for companies, focusing on oral communication, public speaking or time and emotions management.

Theatre workshops based on verbal and non-verbal communication skills, August 25th 2023, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA)

François intervened during the Bioceb induction week in two workshops with 10-15 students each. Based on verbal and non-verbal communication, the workshops contributed to breaking the ice between the foreign students, getting them to experience playful theatre group exercises. Here are some examples of exercises:
 Group warming in circle: opening to others, breathing exercises, anchoring, stretching...;
 rythm and dancing exercises with music;
 group coordination exercises and hugging;
 training on sensations and emotions;
 short improvisations with different emotions;
 exercise based on: I love/ I hate;
 short monologues in front of the whole group: "tell us about a feast/holiday in your family/country".

- Updated October 2022 -