European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Launch of the Bioceb Programme through its 2020 Induction week

The 2020 Induction week marked the kick off of the first Bioceb academic year. Opened by welcoming words from the AgroParisTech General Director, Prof. Gilles Trystram, and from the Vice-President of International Affairs at URCA, Prof. Essaid Ait-Barka, this joint event gathered teaching and administrative staff from the five partner universities, together with the 25 students of the first intake. Exceptionally held online due to sanitary reasons, it was an important step for the integration of these students of 15 different nationalities with backgrounds in chemical engineering, agronomy/biotechnology and food science. Through theatre and intercultural workshops, as well as speed meetings and buddy parties, they could get to know each other but also professors and local students. The ice is now broken and everybody look forwards to meeting physically in Reims in the weeks to come.

The Induction week was also an opportunity for the Bioceb teaching team to present in detail the academic offer and the pedagogical calendar for the next two years, especially the Green Line Project. In addition, immersion into the core topic of the Programme, Bioeconomy, was proposed through a conference on European Bio-based Industry by Dr. Dirk Carrez (Executive Director of Biobased Industries Consortium) and a joint presentation of the European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy by Prof. Florent Allais (AgroParisTech URD of Industrial Agro-Biotechnologies), Prof. Stéphane Lhuillery and Dr. Nicolas Béfort (Neoma Business School Chair of Industrial Bioeconomy). The students discovered that more than a concept, Bioeconomy is a socio-economic reality anchored in the historical and geographical context of the region.

Outcome of four years of collective efforts to build-up the programme, prepare its launching and select the first cohort of students, this 2020 Induction week sounds like an achievement to all the members of the coordination team. A perfect time to welcome our newly recruited Bioceb project manager Adam Garnell !

Many thanks to the five Bioceb partners AgroParisTech, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, the University of Liège, Aalto University and Tallin University of Technology, and to Neoma Business School who welcomed us during the first day of the Induction week !"

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