European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Master’s thesis

Bioceb Internship and Master’s Thesis

Master’s thesis work, carried out during S4 through a research internship, is deemed essential within the Bioceb joint programme, as work in a real professional setting is essential to fully prepare students to their professional induction before their graduation. This work experience makes the young graduate more attractive to potential employers.

Master’s thesis can be prepared in academic labs of different partner universities or associated partners or private companies, at any location worldwide. This internship will ensure the professionalization of the student by providing complementary scientific and technical skills together with soft skills. This training will enable the students to develop their functional skills in laboratory training in connection with the biotechnology-based industries worldwide. The provided high quality training will be useful to find attractive jobs throughout their career.

Master’s thesis will be agreed with and supervised by the local coordinator of the second year hosting partner institution and under the general coordination of the Bioceb coordinating professor.
Duration of Master’s thesis internship should be 5-6 months.

For the master’s thesis defense, the examination criteria of each of the partners apply but a common joint evaluation procedure is followed by local supervisors.

- Updated September 2022 -