European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Mobility rules

Mandatory mobility is a fundamental aspect of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Bioceb.

Mobility was conceived as essential for the students’ experience within the programme, as both an opportunity to fully encompass the richness of Bioceb scope, providing thus the best possible training through combinations of competences, and to develop additional adaptability and flexibility skills, giving the students the keys to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Each student will spend study semesters in minimum two countries (either through study semesters or Summer School) and may even have the opportunity to do its S4 in an additional country:
 S1 will take place at URCA (France);
 according to choice of study track, S2 will take place either at AgroParisTech (France) or TalTech (Estonia). A mandatory summer school will take place at TalTech at the end of S2, ensuring that all students have a learning experience in Estonia;
 for students who spent their S2 in Estonia, S3 can take place at AgroParisTech (France), Aalto (Finland) or ULiège (Belgium), according to the chosen specialisations and students professional plans;
 for students who spent their S2 in France, according to track, S3 can either be in Aalto (Finland) or ULiège (Belgium);
 there is no restriction for S4 Master’s thesis / internship location.
For French students joining the programme, beyond the benefits from studying at least one or two semester abroad and Bioceb intercultural experience and joint international activities, mobility out of France will be strongly encouraged for the MSc thesis in order to ensure they fully benefit from the international component of the programme.

International mobility to at least 2 Bioceb European Higher Education Institutions in 2 different countries of the Bioceb Consortium is compulsory.
i.e. at least two mobility periods for all students, different from the country of residence of the student

Choice of the study track

Mobility offers students an opportunity to choose among 5 pre-established study tracks according to their personal interests and professional goals, helping them to shape their future careers and embrace the European and international dimensions of the programme.

When applying to Bioceb, students will express their mobility preference based on their preference for one of the 5 proposed tracks according to their professional aims, developing thus the skills needed to fully thrive in their future careers.
The Bioceb Consortium will make the final decision and will communicate the mobility assigned to each selected student in the official Bioceb admission letter.

- Updated September 2022 -