European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Natacha Giger-Janski, entrepreneur and industrial property engineer

Natacha Giger-Janski is an entrepreneur and an industrial property engineer. She also has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is currently self-employed in the industrial property, a sector in which she has been working since 2012. From April 2019, she has been working as a consultant at Brevetarium, an independent firm she founded in 2019.

Ms. Giger-Janski provided a lecture entitled “Introduction to Intellectual property” on March 31st 2022 to the Bioceb students from intake 2 at AgroParisTech. The students were initiated to key aspects of intellectual property such as patents, legal basis, patent documents, etc… The students will now be able to use the tools presented to search patent databases effectively. They will learn to quickly decipher information in patent documents. More generally, they will be able to identify IP issues in their professional lives and projects.

Testimony from Ms. Giger-Janski:
“Industrial property can quickly become a complex subject, especially in the health and life sciences fields.
The idea of this course was to address some essential and useful notions for Bioceb students.
We saw some striking examples, and I think they enjoyed experiencing concrete cases rather than purely legal aspects. The questions were numerous and relevant, which is always appreciated. I was glad to be invited again this year to talk about IP!”
Student’s testimony, Anusha Bhat:
"The session by Natacha Giger-Janski gave a general introduction to intellectual properties and its different types. It also gave a general idea of patents, how to apply and how long it takes for granting a patent. The session was simple and effective in terms of communicating the importance of protecting the know-how of the novel innovations. This is especially useful for masters students as we are doing some projects as a part of our GLP. It will help us understand how important it is to be confidential and yet communicative to the world about our innovations. I, personally, was fascinated to know the different types of trademarks that exist for example, the word mark of Google is different from the figurative trademark of Google. Both of them in-turn differ from the semi-figurative trademark of Google. The colours, text and figures play a very important role in brand building and recognition. It was a very informative session overall and I wish to attend many more such sessions in future."

- Updated April 2022 -