European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Second year


Bioceb offers a fully integrated Master’s degree programme; Its modular organisation favors student mobility and international experience while preserving jointness and interconnection between the different possible tracks.

The third semester (S3) offers a specialisation in one of the key biotechnology approaches of bioeconomy: biomass engineering (AgroParisTech), bioprocesses (ULiège) and bio-based products (Aalto).

The fourth semester (S4) is dedicated to a R&D internship, according to your specialization path and professional plans, leading to a Master’s thesis preparation and defence.

Syllabus of the third semester at APT

Syllabus of the third semester at ULiège

Syllabus of the third semester at Aalto

Green Line Project - 3rd stage (all partners)

A final joint graduation event organised during or shortly after the Induction week for the new incoming cohort, including several parallel activities (e.g.: posters session, dissemination event), in order to connect cohorts and inspire the incoming students.

- Updated September 2023 -