European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Tiago Lopes, Researcher at LNEG

Tiago Lopes, National Laboratory of Energy and Geology
Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessments of Bioenergy Systems and Biorefineries – methodology and case-studies

Tiago Lopes is a Researcher at the Bioenergy and Biorefineries Unit of the LNEG – Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia. The LNEG is a R&D institute oriented to meet the needs of society and business in the field of energy (including bioenergy) and geology with a focus on sustainability, contributing to training, promotion, quality assessment, employability and access to infrastructures.

Mr. Lopes provided a lecture entitled “Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessments of Bioenergy Systems and Biorefineries – methodology and case-studies” on March 17th 2022 to the Bioceb students.

The main goal of this lecture was to give the students a view on how to apply the methodology and the importance to evaluate novel biobased processes. Mr. Lopes provided a brief description of Techno-Economic Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment methodologies. He then described the process simulation tools for the design of biorefineries and finally presented three case studies using microalgae and lignocellulosic-based biorefineries.

The Bioceb students showed great interest in the topic, especially regarding the methodology and its applicability to other systems.

Testimony from Mr. Lopes
“Bioceb students were extremely interested and very active during the lecture. The subject of Life Cycle Assessment and Techno-Economic Assessment fitted perfectly into their projects and they also showed great interest in doing short-term internships at the LNEG related to this subject.”

- Updated May 2022 -