European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Two-Day Field trip to Pithiviers

Bioceb students fron intake 2 currently in AgroParisTech took part in a field trip to the Pithiviers area as part of the course "Biomass resources & territories and Environmental Assessment for a Sustainable Bioeconomy".

The aim of the field trip was for the students to discover biomass production and to evaluate its complex sustainability. The students are tasked with the goal of creating a well detailed metabolism of the Pithivier region based on their discovery during the 2 day field trip.

The visits included 2 farms in the region, SIDESUP and a farmers cooperative known as AgroPithiviers. The field trips were supervised by Professors Philippe LESCOAT and Katia LUCCHI.

- Updated March 2022 -